The Faces of Meth

Here is a collection of pics of what meth does to people.
The before picture kinda looks like Stephen Malkmus and the after looks like he's been sleeping on the pavement so it kinda fits.
Did you smoke the meth or rub it in your eyes?
7 months later and an adams apple that has grown 7 times its original size.
It's sad, really.
Thanks for putting a band-aid on otherwise you would have looked pretty repulsive.

I think this guy actually looks a bit better in the after pic. Well he looks scared instead of angry. Actually upon looking at it for a while I don't think its the same person.
I love what you've done with your hair.

This pic is my favorite. The guy looks like the same low budget mother fucker in both pictures he just looks likes he's spent a year in a cabin in the woods.
I find this one strange. It looks like his facial hair hasn't changed at all.
Bored with his mundane existence a sub-par cop turns his life around and becomes an extreme drug addict. Coming this fall a police drama that breaks all the rules. CRYSTAL NIGHTS. check local listings.

One thing is clear about the effects of meth. It fucks up your skin and takes away the part of your brain that makes "hairstyle" decisions.

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3:51 AM posted by Blogger thirtysomething

Looking at those pictures sure would make me stay away!    

3:58 AM posted by Blogger Chas Ravndal

looking at the pics makes me squeamish... i dont wanna look like that!    

11:46 AM posted by Blogger Imahologram

This is a fantastic entry! Good work!!    

12:27 PM posted by Anonymous susan

I've seen those pics before and it STILL amazes me. Bad stuff!    

5:59 PM posted by Blogger Dr. Blogstein

show more! show more!    

4:11 PM posted by Blogger Mojotek

Holy crap! But do you think meth would help me lose weight though? I bet I could still quit afterwords.    

9:26 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

the girl with the band-aid on her face literally looks like she aged thirty years, not three. she was quite pretty before too. it's shocking to see how dramatically they changed. i think you were right about the hairstyle decisions too, wow...    

6:10 PM posted by Blogger Webmiztris

mmmmm, festering boils! nice.    

8:07 PM posted by Blogger Cuppojoe


12:50 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

okay, i have to ask... why are there even before and after pictures of these people?? did they take their pictures then give them meth just to test out what would happen? it seems a little strange.    

4:06 PM posted by Blogger Mojotek

Anonymous: They're mug shots from early in their criminal careers, that's all.    

1:09 PM posted by Blogger mi7sen

one of the guys...the one after 2yrs 5months looks innocent...in the second one...i feel bad for him :'( his eyes show he knows he has done wrong...and he looks guilty as hell!

btw.. i would like to link u to my blog...wana exchange links?

email me. ez_sony@hotmail.com
or leave a comment on my blog www.mi7sen.blogspot.com    

10:20 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

If that doesn't convince people not to get into meth, nothing will.    

11:42 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

mojotek...........it will make you lose weight, but you will never be able to quit! Exercise and eat an apple!    

9:22 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

If the after is the photo on the left where can i get some meth.    

11:12 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

one of those people is my sister...Meth takes away not only you but it does the same to the insides of the ones who love them..    

3:27 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Hey Anonymous at 9:22: you are an asshole. Go ahead and try it twerp and then send a posting here after a year. We'll see if you're still joking about it.    

7:00 AM posted by Blogger j't'en pose des questions ?

Hello, i'm arensh guy, i enjoy your website :-) but i don't understand what "meth" is. could you explain to me what is it ? Thanks.    

9:13 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

meth is a drug short for methamphetamine. It is a synthetic stimulant that is highly addictive.    

9:42 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

these pictures are really sad I feel sorry for all the people who get involved with meth, my ex-husband is addicted and I just want to know do they ever get help on thier own or does someone have to step in and take charge, and do they really ever stop?    

11:29 AM posted by Blogger jazzy

Drug users will never get off the grugs themselves. They are convinced they are fine and are having a good time. Stupid people!    

1:55 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a worldwide 12-step program for addicts who want to get clean. Thousands of members are living healthy productive drug free lives. (19+ years clean myself( If someone has a desire to stop, they can with help. Unfortunately, it's not for those who need it- just those who want it. Most phone books have a listing for Narcotics Anonymous and online you can got to www.na.org to get more info and meeting listings.    

4:35 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

hey i was on meth in 12-04 for 30days, it all most cost me everything, i was lucky. haven,t used since 1-05. i've tried lots of suff, but have always been stronger than the drug, this got me on the first try. pure evil, the devil made this drug. please i beg don't try you'll be sorry.    

5:00 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

here is a poem i found at a rehab center. credit to her l.curtis im more valued than diamonds more precious than gold the sorrow i bring you a sight to behold
im made in a lab but not one like you think i can be made under a kitchen sink. just try me once and i might let you go, but try me twice ill on your asoul. the crime you commit are my narcotic charms, it will be worth the pleasure you feel in my arms. forgeyt your morals and how you were raisde ill be your conscience and teach you my ways. i turn people from god, i seperate friends, ill be with you always until the very end. if youve tried me be warned, this is no game, if given the chance ill fdrive you insane. youll regret you tried me, they always do but you came to me not i to you. you knew this would happen, many times youve been told, but you challenged my powers you chose to be bold. i cna show you more misery than words can tell, come take my hand and ill lead you to hell. this is true please stay away!!!!!    

5:06 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

sorry for the typos in the poem but you get the idea. please dont try it will only ruin your life. trust me clean now almost 2 years, i have a degree now and make good money found god and have a wonderful life now. just got married, life soo much better without drugs. please don,t try    

5:04 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

You can get off of it but you are very fortunit if you do...Please do NOT mess with this stuf it is BAD!!!!!!!.....You can tell b. just looking at the pictures, and dont listen to people when thay say its ok....that are STUPED AND NEED HELP, so help them!!!!!!!    

3:58 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Why do meth users scratch their faces up like that?    

2:54 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

you people that use meth are stupid    

8:19 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

hey dont ever say ppl who use meth are stupid,there are really smart ppl and really hard working if u know how to use it ....it's make u study well,,,but if u dont know how to use is it will fuck u up ..and ppl who use it dont think they dont want to quite they want but its not that just for one day u can quite,u dont have to call ppl who use it r stupid coz u can be one of thim ,,,,no heart feeling ..    

6:14 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

HAHAHAH those captions are hilarous.    

8:28 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

That one girl ---the blonde---was totally hot in the first pic.    

6:42 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

"hey dont ever say ppl who use meth are stupid,there are really smart ppl and really hard working if u know how to use it ....it's make u study well,,,but if u dont know how to use is it will fuck u up ..and ppl who use it dont think they dont want to quite they want but its not that just for one day u can quite,u dont have to call ppl who use it r stupid coz u can be one of thim ,,,,no heart feeling .. "

Ignoring the grammar mistakes, you're an utter idiot. I might say that about pot, but obviously you have no clue about anything concerning meth.

Anyone thinking of trying it, DON'T    

4:08 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

"hey dont ever say ppl who use meth are stupid,there are really smart ppl and really hard working if u know how to use it ....it's make u study well,,,but if u dont know how to use is it will fuck u up ..and ppl who use it dont think they dont want to quite they want but its not that just for one day u can quite,u dont have to call ppl who use it r stupid coz u can be one of thim ,,,,no heart feeling .."

How stupid do you have to be to have this mentality??? You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. There is no right way to do meth. It's wrong. Hands down. People who do meth ARE stupid. And for thinking they arent, you are too. I've never done meth, but I've dealt with it first hand. And your thinking is wrong.    

5:48 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

this is not a funny thing to be joking about, i have a family member on meth who won't get help, it is tearing our family apart, hurting our children to the core and taking the love of my life away from me. i am sorry that you people don't have anything better to do then laugh at these poor people who have lost thier lives and loves to this very addictive drug.    

8:19 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

My ex is a meth head. He's 37 years old, hasn't had a job for a year or more, lives with his parents, and got busted a few weeks ago. He's now facing charges of intent to sale. He can't see his daughter without supervision. I hope he's wondering if the meth is worth his whole life. I could post his before and after pic on here! Stay away from this crap. It will cause you to lose everything you ever had, including yourself!    

9:12 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

this is some creepy stuff. i cant get over the way peoples faces change when they use meth    

1:35 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

the thing to keep in mind with this drug is that it does not cause intoxication or a high. it is anti-addictive physically. the reason it is a problem is it eliminates a person's self control. the experience does intensify with successive doses. it is purely self delusion. other drugs at least make a person feel good.    

1:36 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

oops, correction to my above post, it does not intensify with more doses.    

3:19 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

i was a really heavy meth addict for only 4 and a half months..
i ended up gettin psychosis, and still have it after 2 years of treatment...
i lost many friends, and tore my family apart.
but things are getting better
don't touch it!
if you do, you'll pay in the end.    

4:19 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

"i am sorry that you people don't have anything better to do then laugh at these poor people who have lost thier lives and loves to this very addictive drug."

Bullshit...they're adults...don't coddle them. They made their own choices. It's not our fault they fucked up, so why shouldn't we laugh at how horrid they look? It's not like the meth attacked them and forced itself on them.    

2:49 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Bullshit...they're adults...don't coddle them.

Yes you are right, they did make their own choices. However, your attitude toward their fate is selfish and uncaring. As human beings we have a responsiblity to show compassion and offer aid to those who are in turmoil. What you are suggesting is to offer no assistance to people who have "done it to themselves". It would be a very sad state if people were to take this attitude.    

10:51 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

"Yes you are right, they did make their own choices. However, your attitude toward their fate is selfish and uncaring. As human beings we have a responsiblity to show compassion and offer aid to those who are in turmoil. What you are suggesting is to offer no assistance to people who have "done it to themselves". It would be a very sad state if people were to take this attitude."

Actually...I'm pretty sure that's not my stance at all. What assistance could I possibly offer some meth head who I'm merely seeing online? None. They look funny...is it more wrong to laugh at them because they fucked themselves up on meth than it is to laugh at someone who's just naturally ugly? Nope. In fact, if you ask me, it's better, because they did that to themselves. I never once said people with drug problems shouldn't be helped, but if I ever made myself look like that, you'd sure as fuck better laugh at it. I spent my summer volunteering in New Orleans. Don't try to act like you're morally superior to me or that I'm selfish and uncaring...you don't even know my name.    

4:53 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

They are all the same, at the end of the day everybody knows what it does to you so why the fuck take it. they would be better off dead, and yes i know there peoples brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers etc but who needs people like that, you have lost them as soon as they are adicted. scum!    

8:25 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I like the way this post carries an advertisement for Absinthe next to it.
Alcohol+Thujone=Good Stuff!

This reminds of the time a cop gave us a speech about drugs and passed around a sealed box of seized samples of quote-unquote 'ecstasy', which contained, I shit you not, a polo mint. Complete with hole.    

10:13 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I think I know at least 3 of those people. That would be the downfall of living in western PA.    

10:26 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I don't know what kind of shit you people are doing, but send some of it to California!    

7:30 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I know for a fact who wrote that last comment!! I can tell by the way it's written...Your initial don't happen to be G.J. do they?    

11:39 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

At this time I'd like to invoke my 5th amendment privilege. Thank you very much.    

3:19 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Ha ha ha, you know damn well that our rights are disappearing slowly but surely...eventually, you will have to tell me!    

4:30 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

In my state people who don't use meth look like the after photos.    

4:37 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Tweakers take a long hard look at these faces if you live in this county; that way you won't get busted selling to an undercover cop.    

5:47 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Some of em look better in the 2nd photo!    

7:47 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

The last time I had my mug shot taken I was ready. I never went dumster diving without makeup on.

#8 looks like my neighbor Liz.    

3:20 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I wonder if there's anyway I can talk you into removing MY picture from your site...I can't believe that you'd put it on here...I don't want to tell you which one I am, but one of those is me...    

3:23 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

By the way, I'm proud of it...been on meth for 15 years now, I find that good looks are really overrated...hell us tweakers will sleep with anything that moves, anyways...so what do we care what we look like...    

3:24 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

...as I look at the time I am posting these comments, ha ha it's 3:20 AM    

4:06 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

My connection doesn't see my face that much. I do however try to keep the back of my head presentable.    

4:08 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Fuckin-A! 4 a.m. what day is it? It might be getting close to my bedtime.    

11:56 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

It seems counter productive to poke fun at addicts who need help .Addiction is a disease, not an excuse for someone with too much time on their hands to make insensitive, unfunny remarks about physical appearances.    

4:00 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I think these photos speak for themselves, but my daughter was asked during DARE to look for pictures of meth users. It would be nice if she was not required to read all the curse words!    

7:21 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous


6:40 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

i have lost my compassion for these people. My cousin was an addict and she stole everything she could from me and identity thefted me
she is supposdley clean and sober - and in a 12 step program for 5 years. so where is my apology ? and why do I still have cuatodu of her children that shge neglected. i took them one day and she didnt notice for a week. It's been 8 years - and they still live with me. no one forced drugs onto her or anyone - they all know the consequances. time to stop coddling them. she gets everything handed to her now - and yet i take care of 4 children with no help - and certaintly none form her - ot her husband.    

2:19 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

these people must have our symopathy in order to get their feet back on solid ground. Meth is a substantial problem. Millions are being spent on the montana meth project. Fifty percent of prisoners in MT are convicted meth user-eighty percent of female prisoners in montana are convicted meth users. why? what the hell is this drug doing to people? After looking at these "before and after" pics why would any person choose to try meth? curiousity will kill the cat-no joke when it comes down to using meth.    

5:16 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Meth, along with most other drugs, is not such a horrible drug if used responsibly, the problem is that most people who use meth do not even come close to a responsible user.    

8:08 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Meth is not used by anyone responsible. I have 2 brothers in prison for meth and were struggleing to keep my 18 year old neice off the crap. Meth doesnt only take the life of the user it takes the life of everyone around the user. And if you think you can use meth to just lose a few pounds think again. Meth controls every area of your life and everyone around you become a victim to it.    

9:50 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

The meth heads in the pics are the element of our society responsible for spreading aids crime and countless lost lives. Personally I am relieved that they look horrible so we can recognize them more easily. The solution is to send them to inturnment camps give them all the confiscated meth they want and society will be free from thier diseses and crime forever. The A.C.L.U is trying to start a program called the kevorkin plan that will put them all in one place with all the free meth they want. Possible locations are parts of New Jersey, and Bezerkley Califonia.    

12:18 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Rosie Odonald just got busted someone looked up her dress and saw over 200lbs of crack. Maybe we can send her to camp Kevorkian.    

6:02 AM posted by Anonymous Kristina

I recently lost a family member to meth. She left behind 4 children, the oldest being 16. Her two youngest children, ages 3 and 5, found her that morning. I have lost dear friends, not in death but in addiction to this horrific drug. What it does to you, you have no idea. I have seen it up close and personal and let me tell you. It is not a joke or anything to mess with. Think, one night of "bliss" could be your last night of life and sanity.    

8:27 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

what the f... - im from germany (bad english suspected!), we don't have that meth-problems here ...
when i look at the pictures and read the comments of some people, like "using with responsibility" or "can i use it for loosing weight?", i can only hit with my head on my desk ...
people, who keep controle over there addictions are maybe 1 of a thousand ... its a typical drug-starter-thinking, that u can keep controle of it - you realize ur addiction only, when its to late.
and that loosing-weight-girl ... omg ... how can u be so stupid and naive ... if u dont cant loose weight on ur own, buy yourself 10 grms of amphetamine (speed, not crystal!) and snore a little whenever u get hungry and dont want to eat
i'm taking drugs for 12 years now, but i'm using them, as party-drugs, not as an everyday-turn (what i would call abusing).
my message: drugs are ok, can even be good for ur soul & mind, but only if u keep them for something special AND if u keep yourself on the "softer" drugs with a lower addiction-rate, like speed, extasy, mdma and stuff like that.    

2:28 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

All those pictures are taken from the Multnomah County Sheriff's office in Oregon (Portland). They have pics from their first booking, and their inevitable return to the police station. It was a running series in our statewide paper, the Oregonian, several yrs ago, as well.

It's really sad, and I am glad that DARE and DrugFreeAmerica have picked up the series of pictures.    

5:00 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Read a book titled Meth=Sorcery by a gentleman named Steve Box....he will answer many ???????? about this evil life destructing drug!!!!! The devil knows his time is short and he will do anything to bring you to him..    

9:59 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

You no what anonymous you are an idiot. Meth it does not help you it destroys your life! What you have typed on this page is practacly saying that drugs are ok to use. but do you no how many people die every year from useing meth? Over 2 million.    

9:50 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

tht is gross how can ppl du tht to themselves!!!!!?


12:03 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Meth...... yum!    

9:42 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I was on meth for one month - 2 years ago. I've lost 25 lbs of weight. My nose was dry for a year after that. I had a lot of problems with my skin and health in general.    

8:12 AM posted by Blogger canucck

Life on Methadone - an addicts perspective http://mereggie.com/reg/methadone.html    

9:21 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

this is coming from a 9 year old all the people that are doing meth are stupid.so please take this tip from me and dont do drugs.because they will mess you up and if you want to take that risk go head.take the chances of you getting high then you might not even wake up in th mornning.please dont do drugs.    

11:28 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous


1:33 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

i am an addict.once an addict,always an addict,but that doesnt mean we cant recover.i used for 24 years and i am grateful i survived.i will have 10 yrs clean off meth in jan. and i am a part of 12 step recovery and it works if u work it.principles before personalities.why dont some of u look at your own character defects before judging others.    

1:02 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

doesn,t seem to matter how bad things look or may look...
once that that shit hits the spoon
the spike is in you and off you go!!    

9:56 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

im a 10 year old girl in the dare program and i say ALL DRUGS R BAD! if u think about doing any drug,u better think again! there r millions of victums from this stuff. yes you shouldnt laugh at them but dont feel bad either. they r adults and can choose for themselves!if they choose 2 ruin there lives let them. they can face the music themselves. so u know PEOPLE WHO USE ANY DRUGS R RUINING AMERICA AND F YOU ALL!!!!!    

9:02 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

As a former meth user I didn't lose anyone but myself. I have been sober for over a year which is something that most meth users will never be able to say. I used meth for 5 years. For all you Dare people think again. I've been there done that. This drug is the future of drugs. It is by far the most addictive substance,(I believe) know to man. For anyone who is looking for the ability to step away from it I say this,"Look in the mirror." Ask yourself if this is what you want. If you can say yes then god bless. But if not forget about everything the drug gave you because it gave you nothing.    

6:03 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I've used amphetamines and meth intravenously on and off for about 12 years never could regain that first high. Lost most of my friends my self respect etc. Eventually got onto naltrexone which has at least helped me cut right down. With a view to quiting completely but its hard meth is so addictive. Even though I hate myself for using I can't stop.

The gear messes with your cognitive function (google meth ^ brain damage) I'm just hoping that mine comes good again I have problems with focus and selective attention want to fuck yourself up? Use meth.    

2:28 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous


12:07 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Good for all you brave souls who have gotten off meth. I believe in any and everyone who has the courage to rid themselves of this horrific plague. You have done so deserve a round of applause. I do not know the drug personally, but have seen what it has done to others. Please stay clean, not only for you, but for your families and friends. You give others hope.    

11:26 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

This is a good example of what happens when you don't respect your drugs. Meth, Cocain, Heroin, Alcohol - all these drugs will lead you to trouble if you don't have control of them.    

1:39 AM posted by Anonymous C-lO BABY

Damn im doin this reaseArch paper on illegal drugs and i came across this website and it grossed me out
to find out how one can really look like after they use meth for a while and it scared me to never ever try that drug in my life!!! ;)
and thats all    

10:37 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I have nothing but compassion for those who recover from a meth addiction, which I believe is the hardest addiction to overcome....but they deserve absolutley NO sympathy. If they can recover they need to get off their asses and live their life and pay their bills like the rest of the world. People are getting raped, murdered, and abused BECAUSE of this drug. I was one of them... I have never touched meth, but was highly influenced by it. My mother was a raging crack whore for many years of my adolesence and now she is in prison for selling my brother's medication. You people who say there should be sympathy for addicts...I say fuck it! The people who really deserve to escape reality are the ones getting hurt by the users and addicts who who decide it is ok to not give a shit anymore. Yah, this world fucking sucks, but you, you STUPID addict, aren't the only person affected by it.

I live in North Dakota. There is a crack house in every block here and I see people walking down the street and you can just see it in their faces that they are fucked up..... It's a hard life but there is no excuse to ruin it. You never just ruin yours, you ruin other peoples'.    

12:31 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

This is sad looking at these photos, but the real sad thing about it is wondering if these people really understand what has happened to them because of meth. They all just look so dazed and confused. How can you help those that can't help themselves? If meth is this addictive and powerful, the only thing that can help any of these people is God hemself. I have some people I know in my family that I think is using this drug, I don't want to believe it, but all the signs are there. I feel like my hands are tied. Bottomline: METH IS THE DEVIL'S DRUG, AND GOD IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN HELP THE VICTIMS OF METH.    

9:45 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

They should have done a one-hitter of kind bud and chilled out instead!    

4:27 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous


2:44 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

The one with the band aid is two differnt women you idiot look closer the older womans nose is shaped differntly and her lips are much smaller she also has a pointier chin    

10:46 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

i hate to be a preteen discovering the internet slang, but...
ROTFLMFAO: 'takes away the part of your brain that makes 'hairstyle' descions' HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA    

7:57 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Holy fuck what a bunch of junkies.    

10:27 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

dont do druuugs ... druuugs are baaad    

4:31 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

AND DOCTORS PRESCRIBE IT TO MILLIONS OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS EVERYDAY!Of course some egghead is gonna type "it's not the same as adderall"! SURE!!! What gasstation did u say u worked at?    

2:11 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

QUOTING:"The one with the band aid is two differnt women you idiot look closer the older womans nose is shaped differntly and her lips are much smaller she also has a pointier chin"

She is looking down in the second photo, so it only apperas her nose is different... its not though. it is her    

6:53 PM posted by Blogger Edward

For all you pretending to be 7 and 10 year old kids nobody bus that crap. What drugs are you doing?

I started off on the only true gateway drug…. Caffeine. You talk down to others because of the difficulties they have had I their lives. You sound like a bunch of religious folk, I mean hypocrites. You get up every day and feed your addictions. You slam your coffee, chocolate and Alcohol. Go drink another soft drink fat ass. We are addictive creatures and if we like something we will do it over and over again. You know like laughing, sex or eating sugar in all of its yummy forms. I started smoking Tobacco in 2nd grade, Weed (my favorite) in 5th, pharmaceutical speed in 6th, cocaine and mushrooms in 8th, LSD and speed both Meth and Ether based in 9th, it gets a little blurry after that but that didn’t stop me. I went on to use Phenobarbital, Quaaludes, Preludes, Mescaline, Valiums, amyl nitrite and the list the list on. I guess I’m lucky though; I woke up one morning and decided I did not want to do that stuff anymore. Now I’m addicted to work. Go figure. The coffee keeps calling me back especially in the morning when I smell somebody getting their fix.    

10:46 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

i can't belive what go thruogh theri mind when they do that stuff thay shud know that that drugs don't more than theme I't hurt their family frends it makes me sick just seeing these pic. they should take my advice before it git iny worse like death.    

10:55 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

yes i do feel sorry for theme and know at the same time what in the HELL are you thinking. STOP doing dume shit.that may kill you do you have a death wish youse youre brain.    

10:57 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

yeah wait until you get your ass beat by the cops and thrown in front of a booking camera...love to see how
pretty you look then...    

10:16 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

This is such a crappy drug. Everything was going so well in my life finally. Two hits and I was hooked--I didn't even like the feeling 95% of the time. I lost everything: dropped out of a great university, lost my apartment (raided), lost my friends, my car. I was even homeless for some time and that sucks especially when you're a woman. It took three years to finally get my shit together. I'm finally in grad school, have a car and a place again. One thing it did do though--I am thankful every freakin day that I'm alive and living in comfort. Don't touch this drug-so not worth it. I had no idea it would take over my life cuz I did drugs forever, but meth really messed me up the most )=    

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I'll take drugs carefully.    

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