Who is Mr. Cool Ice?

In my last post I posted a link to a video of the mysterious Mr. Cool Ice with a plea to anyone who spoke German to translate it. A big thanks goes out to Erik who took the time to watch the video and shed some light on the situation.

His hometown is Mainz, he is 33 years old and has gone by Mr. Cool Ice for the last 13 years. He basically states that's just who he is period.

They do a tour of his apartment and we discover that he is a clean freak. Everything has to be spotless and in the right place.

The 2 girls on the talk show are basically making an ass out of him and a direct translation from the girl sitting closest to him is "You look like Shit".

He has spent over 4,000 euro's to get his tattoos which is about 6, 000 USD.

Well there you have it a little light into the world of Mr. Cool Ice. If anyone has any more info keep it coming

I should also point out for those of you who haven't seen the video that "Ice Ice Baby" plays throughout and its likely that that is where he got his name from.

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10:54 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

This buttmonkey has fascinated me ever I saw the pics about 3 weeks ago. thanks for the article. Check out www.frycookonvenus.com where it is "Mr Cool Ice" week!    

11:00 PM posted by Blogger BionicBuddha

Four thousand Euros on tattoos which make him look like a "dumbass"?

I am guessing this guy doesn't understand compound annual growth rates any better than the gummy blizzard woman...

thanks for the blog!


10:17 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

This asswipe was killed when he was hit by a truck,,R.I.P.    

4:32 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

"You look like shit" - this coming from the german version of a redneck wearing the tiger striped unitard. And he looks like shit.    

2:23 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

That name was his idea because he loves the rapper Vanilla ice. He also has a patent on his name, like a brand name. (What a jerk) The rest is so embarassing and not worth telling.

Greetings Olli from munich    

5:04 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

what a fucking retard.    

4:20 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

He looks like Goggy from Merthyr Tydfil    

3:11 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

A gentleman , stick and do what he believe in....but still a bit retard .    

7:35 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

sweat timz 4eva    

10:02 PM posted by Anonymous Claire

I think he looks stupid, but it is ultimately sad that people have to go to this extent to feel excentric. I mean it used to be that you needed to read certain books, see certain plays, watch certain movies, hold certain views. Alas.    

11:19 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

That sounds more like fitting in with a clique, Claire.    

10:49 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

hate to niggle over details, but 4000 euros is about $5k, not 6.    

7:39 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I guess no one bothered to tell Mr. Cool Ice Guy that in the USA, Vanilla Ice ('singer' gaack of "Ice Ice Baby) is totally NOT cool! Heck, didn't he see the parody Jim Carey did of Vanilla on Saturday Night Live? It was friggin' HILARIOUS! And, Vanilla Ice is NOT cool, no way no how!    

12:10 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Great...that's all the world needs is another rap-loving skinhead freak!    

9:21 AM posted by Anonymous DonkeyPunch

D00d Thoze tatttzz ROKKKK!!!


3:30 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Jim Carey was on In Living Color, NOT SNL!    

8:28 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

He looks like he took a short with line and followed in! HAHA! I thought cherries were made.    

4:53 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

that fucker stole my idea .... damn him to hell    

1:44 PM posted by Anonymous nesbit

I think he's really cool, original and dedicated.    

2:50 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

The skeleton on his chest looks really gay.

This guy had one really bad idea for a tattoo and stuck with it, Mr cool Ice, hahahahaha!!! Fucking hell.    

5:31 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Yeah, somebody needs to put his fuckin' ass on ice! In my area here in the U.S., he would take a serious beatin' just for being an ass pirate!    

5:59 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Yeah, and here we just kill people we don't like. Like niggers and chinks. GO JESUS!    

12:00 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

The skeleton in the front gays it up. Just look at it! If it were an iced up viking skeleton I'd probably say cool. But I swear the skeleton can't look anymore like a fag.    

2:05 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

As I live in Mainz where he comes from, too, I know him and I have seen him quite often in clubs. And one of my friends is his ex-girlfriend. First thing to be said is that he's not a complete dumbass. I don't know if somebody here has seen him on video. His german is quite good, no gramatical mistakes, if you would talk to him on the phone you wouldn't believe taht he looks the way he does. Just as an information for those who don't speak German. In Germany it is quite cool to speak bad German als the Turkish and the German "Rappers" for example do.
On the other hand he is a poor person. Among his girlfriend there are some pretty crappy and fat girls. He's breaking the hearts of girls that are easy to get to bed... He's everything but cool. Maybe he's as cool as Vanilla Ice ;-)    

6:23 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

yeah, yeah.. you can say anything you want about this dude, but the fact is that he's INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS! something most of you losers would kill for, even if your fame was based on some shitty tattoos... so let's give him his 15 minutes and move on.    

5:06 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

. cool ice... chill out.. haters.. or my cousin the abominable snowman will eat you.. yo VIP.. lets kick it    

5:52 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

I just knew he was German when I saw the pictures. "Mr. Cool ICE"...only in Germany. Even we Finns know better.    

9:12 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

.......... attention whore .......    

12:24 AM posted by Blogger Kameron D Kiggins

Thanks for writing this information about Mr. Cool Ice. I've wondered about him for over a year...    

10:11 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

The sad thing is that I bet most of you are just as hateful towards yourselves as you are towards this goofball. I've never really seen a creative, self-aware person that enjoys their life belittle others.    

1:27 PM posted by Blogger Eric

This guy has intrigued me for a couple years now. Almost as much as the upma-lumpas. Anyway, I just came across this page that has a hilarious video of him acting the fool.

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