Jesus: With you Always

If you've never been to the Jesus: With you always site you should check it out.


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5:16 PM posted by Blogger Dr. Blogstein

Hilarious. These drawings are far more enjoyable with your talk bubbles!    

1:04 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

Jesus is kinda scary. Why does he keep stalking us? Why is he so codependent?

8:40 PM posted by Anonymous j


jesus is totally standing over my shoulder as i write this.    

5:09 PM posted by Blogger StarSmoothie

Do u realize that ur mocking someone’s talent? That maybe this means a little more than u adding in ur worthless thoughts? It seems all u try to do is prove that ur a bad ass bitch who is too ignorant to accept other people who aren’t like you. Let it be tattoos or pure art...u doesn’t know the people, they could just be having fun n their body, how they physically look isn’t their main concern or their ink really means something...but u wouldn’t know that. U just cowardly cut n paste shit on ur site and pull it down...wow how big n mature r u??    

6:53 PM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

When upon your advice I visited the "Jesus:with you always" site, I expected more of this clever genius' HILARIOUS drawings and captions. My, was I suprised to learn that this shit is supposed to inspire me or something. It only made it more funny. I will share this truly moving website with the masses. The word shall be spread.    

7:21 AM posted by Blogger M. Graveyard

I have to completely disagree with StarSmoothie, who I presume is referring to the "bad tattoos" pictures.
Now, how they can say that "having fun n their body, how they physically look isn't their main concern or their ink really means something"....
I really want them to look at those beautiful dolphin or tiger tattoos and ask themselves how much it must mean to that person.

Anyways, back on track, I, like Anonymous went to the website, hoping to see some more funny drawings, but no! Just really creepy ones! Fair enough the guy can draw...but he can also provide you with some entertainment, and in return, provide me with ALOT. It will also entertain my flatmates when they come home. So to StarSmoothie, EACH TO THEIR OWN!

I choose mocking :)    

2:06 AM posted by Anonymous Anonymous

These were copied from a thread on ebaumsworld.com.    

2:18 AM posted by Anonymous TYPEBRIGHTER

>>These were copied from a thread on ebaumsworld.com.

Fuck that shit.. I created these...If Ebaum stole them (which he is infamous for doing this is the first I've heard of it)... if you check the date of this post I guarantee it will be before the one on fucking ebaums.    

1:08 PM posted by Blogger larry

The web-site displaying the "Jesus, With You Always" drawings by Larry Van Pelt has been relocated to:


Please update your link to the site.

God bless you,
Larry Van Pelt

It had previously been located at: members.aol.com/jesusimages

However, AOL is closing down their web hosting service as of 31 October 2008    

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